Kids Playing Soccer


At Steyning Physiotherapy, we offer a specialist Musculoskeletal service for children and young people.  

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Children and teenagers present differently to adults.  Their growing bodies have a different set of challenges and injuries do not always behave the same way as for adults.  From growth spurts, to hormonal changes, emotional factors and pressures, this is an ever changing time for young people and their injuries are sometimes complex to manage.

At Steyning Physiotherapy, we have 20 years experience of working with young people in sporting environments, sports tours, elite training environments and working within schools.  We are passionate about the importance of encouraging children to develop a healthy mindset and understanding of their changing bodies.  We believe in equipping children with all they need to continue with their hobbies and sports.   We also strongly believe that educating children and parents to recognise times within their development, to adapt their training to prevent injury, is really important.


If you would like more information or to talk through your child's problem, please get in touch.