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  • How long does each session last?
    Initial appointment can last 45mins. This ensures that we undertake a thorough assessment and gain a full understanding of your problem to make sure the treatment you receive is exactly what you need.
  • How many times will I need to come?
    An advised treatment plan will be discussed with you following your assessment. Severity of your symptoms will determine frequency advised. The aim is for treatment sessions to be spread further apart as you improve. If however, you can only manage one session of private treatment then we will ensure you leave us with a clear idea of what's needed and how you can help yourself. We are then always available if you need a follow-up at a later date.
  • Will you give me a programme of exercises?
    You will be shown a set of exercises and with your consent, emailed a copy of these using Amplify Pro digital software, with links to relevant videos on our own YouTube Channel. Exercises will be reviewed and progressed at each session.
  • What can Physiotherapy hope to achieve through a Virtual Consultation?
    A significant proportion of the Initial Physiotherapy Consultation is in the Subjective Assessment, which is the detailed questioning regarding your history and symptom presentation. Much can be gained from talking through with you about how your problem developed and what activities are difficult or lead to aggravation of symptoms. Following the Subjective questioning, movement analysis can also be performed over the Virtual format. Following this assessment detailed advice can be given regarding postural changes, use of heat, ice and appropriate use of analgesia to manage your symptoms optimally. A comprehensive set of exercises can be demonstrated and then sent to you via email. If recovering from surgery, these sessions can be invaluable in keeping you following the correct postoperative protocol and addressing any issues as they arise.
  • Are you offering Face to Face Consultations during the Covid pandemic?
    We are open to face to face consultations and are following all guidelines from Public Health England and The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Please refer to our Covid information. You can contact us for more information and to receive a copy of our Covid protocol.
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