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After 10 months of discomfort and pain, I was recommended to Shona and after only 10 days, am moving amazingly well and nearly pain free - well worth a consultation.  


After sustaining a nasty back injury which was very painful and put me out of work for seven weeks, I underwent several sessions of physio to rehabilitate me back to a healthy point in my life that I can resume normality and go back to work.  Shona has been amazing in getting me to this point.  Extremely professional and knowledgeable.  I would highly recommend her.


After weeks of my child complaining of a painful foot, we decided to speak to Shona for advice.  Shona was very patient and thorough and went through everything we could do to help with the pain and also a plan to strengthen and support so she can continue with sporting activities.


I’ve had back problems for quite a few years. It was starting to affect my work and home life. Shona has tailored a  Pilates and physio programme that has repaired and strengthened not only my back but my whole body. Thank you Shona. 

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