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Pilates is a system of physical conditioning involving low-impact exercises and stretches designed to strengthen muscles and improve postural control and balance. 


At Steyning Physiotherapy we have over 20 years experience of teaching Clinical Pilates.  Clinical Pilates always has the focus on adaptation of exercise to fit individual needs.  Whether you are fit and active, looking for higher level challenges or recovering from an injury and needing to take it slow, we have a broad range of experience in understanding your body and the enormous library of Pilates exercises available.  All our Pilates sessions are taught by experienced Physiotherapists who can help you to build confidence, with the knowledge of how your injury or painful condition limits your ability to exercise.  A long period of teaching classes and individuals has given us invaluable experience to be able to adapt these exercises in many ways, sometimes using equipment to help or to challenge. 

Pilates can help you regain confidence in your body.  It can challenge you in ways other exercise hasn't.  It is adaptable and versatile and can take many forms, through mathwork, reformer and other equipment.  

Pilates Options:  

1:1 Matwork session, giving you a completely bespoke session at your pace.  

Duration: 45 mins.  Cost:  £50

1:2 Matwork session, allows you to have a predominantly bespoke session and share the cost with a friend or partner.

Duration: 1 hr.  Cost:  £70 


Community classes, Matwork in groups of up to 12 in a local village hall

Duration: 1 hr.  Cost:  £10


Studio Sessions:  A 1:1 studio session designed for you, using any of our gym equipment, including Reformer, Split Pedal chair and TRX.

Duration: 45mins  Cost: £60


Best of Both: A combination of 1:1 Pilates and massage to ease tight muscles before or after your session

Duration: 1hr (40 mins Pilates/20mins massage) Cost: £65

Price bundles available for 1:1/2:1 advanced bookings of 10 sessions.


Please get in touch to find out more.


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